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Spring from Christmas to Easter

As I start to write this article, we are preparing for the birth of a new grandchild.  I have a bag packed, ready to travel to Colchester with minimal delay to look after our two year old grandson, when my daughter goes into labour.  It is not long since Christmas time, when we were remembering the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ whose grandparents did not seem to be…

The Lance Armstrong Debacle

Everyone has seen and heard about the findings against Lance Armstrong and his former pro-cycling team – the damning verdict was delivered…”he doped before his cancer…he doped after his cancer…he doped in his glory years…and he doped on his comeback.” Here is a man who thought that he had gotten away with cheating all of his…

You’re being watched!

You probably are aware of this but you are being watched, more than ever.  With increasing amounts of CCTV cameras on the streets, in shops and in gardens, our movements are being recorded like never before. It doesn’t bother some people, but really annoys others. But it certainly helps make some accountable for their crimes.  How many times have we had CCTV…
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