Helions Bumpstead Gospel Hall

Welcome to our website! Please take a look around, find out who we are and feel free to come along to any of our meetings

Explorers Super Sunday

We’re excited to announce our next Explorers Super Sunday family event, held in the Chalkstone Community Center.

Lived as a Man

Free Bible

We Would like you to have a copy of the bible to read for yourself, to see what it says

News & Updates

We have many things going on at the hall, you can find information about them here.

Verse for the day

  • Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever Hebrews
  • So do not be attracted by strange new ideas Your
  • And it is impossible to please God without faith Anyone
  • By youversion  Commit everything you do to the Lord
  • I tell you you can pray for anything and if
  • Those who know your name trust in you for you